Information about Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank

Abhyudaya Bank is a local area bank that was established in 1964 in Mumbai, India. It is a multi-state scheduled bank and is registered under the Co-operative Societies Act. Abhyudaya Bank has a strong presence in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka, with over 115 branches and 20+ extension counters.

Abhyudaya Bank offers a wide range of financial products and services to its customers, including savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, loans, and insurance. The bank also offers various digital services, such as mobile banking, internet banking, and SMS banking, making it easier for customers to access their accounts and transact from the comfort of their homes. Abhyudaya Bank’s IFSC code is recognized by all three systems provided by RBI.

One of the key features of Abhyudaya Bank is its focus on customer satisfaction. The bank offers personalized services to its customers and ensures that their needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Abhyudaya Bank branches that are involved in online fund transfers are assigned a distinctive 11-character IFSC code, and each branch follows a specific IFSC code format. The bank has also implemented various customer-centric initiatives, such as online feedback and grievance redressal mechanisms, to enhance customer experience.

In addition to its focus on customer satisfaction, Abhyudaya Bank is committed to social responsibility and has undertaken several initiatives in the areas of education, health, and community development. The bank also has an active CSR program, through which it supports various social causes and initiatives.

Overall, Abhyudaya Bank is a reliable and customer-friendly local area bank that has been serving the community for over five decades. With its strong focus on customer satisfaction, personalized services, and social responsibility, Abhyudaya Bank is a trusted financial partner for customers in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

How to Transfer Funds using NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS for Abhyudaya Bank?

Abhyudaya Bank supports NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS for electronic fund transfers. To use NEFT or RTGS, you need to provide the beneficiary’s name, account numberIFSC code and MICR code. For IMPS, you need the beneficiary’s mobile number and MMID or account number and IFSC code. These services can be accessed through internet banking or by visiting a Abhyudaya Bank branch (or) on their website.

How can I find the IFSC Code for Abhyudaya Bank?

The table displayed provides a list of Abhyudaya Bank’s IFSC codes, which can be used to find codes for NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS transfers. IFSC codes for Abhyudaya Bank branches throughout India can be found using this tool. Each Abhyudaya Bank branch participating in online fund transfers has a unique 11-character IFSC code and has a specific IFSC code format. However, it’s important to note that not all bank branches offer net banking services.

Abhyudaya Bank Services for Online Transactions?

Online payments have made life much easier for people. With just a few clicks, people can carry out transactions like premium payments, bill payments, ticket bookings, donations, shopping, and more. With the convenience of online payments, people no longer have to stand in long queues or visit the Abhyudaya Bank nearest branches for their transactions.

Short codes and balance check codes are essential for customers to access their account information easily and quickly through mobile phones. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank, like other banks, also provides unique codes to its customers for checking their account balance and other related information. Here are the short names and balance check codes for Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank:

  1. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Balance Check Number: To check the account balance, give a missed call to 92231 92235 from the registered mobile number.
  2. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Mini Statement Number: To get the mini statement of the account, give a missed call to 92231 92234 from the registered mobile number.
  3. Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank Short Name: The short name of Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank is ABD.

Customers can also use mobile banking or internet banking services provided by Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank to access their account information and perform various banking transactions.

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